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tv   Today  NBC  January 7, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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from nbc news, this is "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, it's hoda's favorite day. >> what day is it? >> wines day wednesday. "something in the way you move." ellie golding. >> the book tour. we're rockin' and rollin' on it. >> and a great show today. in four days, hollywood's going to be rolling out the red carpet for the golden globe awards. so we're ready with a game of who knew. >> and why not get your wardrobe?
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>> get your closet organized, and you might be able to make extra dough on outfits you haven't worn in ages. see how smart that would be if someone actually did it? >> like maybe you? >> and you know the actress with one name, rhetta. >> and luxe for less. fitness gear to have you looking and feeling good when you go to the gym. >> hey. it's a lot. people think writing a book is hard, it's easy compared to doing all the press. >> you did have some fun. >> you were at the barnes & noble. >> we're going to the 92nd street of and andy cohen's going to bring his drinky. the time is 7:00ish. >> i need some words of wisdom. >> are you ready? >> here we go.
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find your gift. the purpose of life is to give it away. >> is that aenon? >> that's picasso. >> remember the story i told you about the stones? >> yeah. >> we wrote a song about it and the line came to us, what is the one thing that you can do that no one else can do but you? what is your stone, what is your gift? >> that's exactly it. >> pablo and i. >> you guys are like "that." >> so hoda's got a feature in -- >> there's a magazine. >> the happy" magazine. you dress for the magazine. so here's what she -- there she is. look at this crazy woman. >> i look like a nut, like a crazy freak. >> positively hoda.
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some kind of meds. >> well, you probably are. what does this say? is it all book-related? >> happy tips and stuff like that. would you like to hear them? >> every day is like an unexpected unexpected mini gift wrapped in a bow. i am grateful for whatever experience lies ahead and i just soak it in. that's exactly what she does. that's exactly the way you live your life. >> they asked for happy tips. >> yeah. because you're happy >>which is my first one. i play music. sometimes i clickety clack online and look for a graduation speech, the best they have to offer to a class that has a long way ahead. there's something about that i like. >> we missed one.
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because the little things in life add up to everything. >> yes. and i do other things. we're nice. we seek joy, anyway, thank you for everybody who came to buy the book "where we belong." that was nice of you. >> you can stillet it on aem son -- amazon. >> we love this guy. >> ricky gervais said he would never do it again, but guess what, he's doing it again. we adore him. >> he's going to host the golden globes. he recently said to ellen, they said i could say what i wanted to say again. the promos have been cool, haven't they? >> wonder who he's going to poke at. >> hi, i'm ricky gervais, and i'm hosting the golden globes on january 10th. watch it if you have nothing better to do, for three hours. [ laughter ]
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>> there's always a little bit of truth in everything he says. >> and they do air live this nbc. and everybody's going to be out there but us. >> we're here! >> hoda has to hold down the fort in case there's breaking news. >> jennifer lawrence is on the cover of a magazine, and she talked about fame and had interesting things to say. she said i think we should be allowed time off from being famous. she said she'd love to have three months off from being photographed. >> yeah, but then she said she hates to complain about it, but calls it the movie star blues, which is hard for regular people to empathize with, i believe. ey'd give anythinin to have her life, her looks, her, her, her talent, her everything.
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to people who, that's their dream. >> yes. >> and i think sometimes, i think this happened very early for her and very easily in terms of -- i mean, she does hard work, but she was discovered quickly. one movie after another. she doesn't have to audition probably for anything anymore. so there's a part of me that understands what she's talking about. but for the person who has never been famous and only wants to be famous and only wants to be on a red carpet once in their life, it doesn't come off probably the way she intended it to. >> i totally agree with that. if you're famous, people are spending their hard-earned money to boy movie tickets and stuff like that, and then when you see that person, you want to approach them in a restaurant, and who doesn't want to do that. i think it's part of the drill. >> it's part of the territory. >> she's not on social media. >> she said no, because then that's more me.
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i want people to have less me. >> oh. that said, she's on the cover of the magazine. on newsstands, january 12th. there were two tennis players playing in a competitive match in the hockman cup. something surprising happened. an american player named jack scott said to his opponent, >> so cute. >> he said hey, hewett, you may want to challenge that one. >> it was in if you want to challenge it. >> can you believe? lack at the individual look at the video and see.
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challenge it. >> he is challenging. >> all right. challenge. it it >> it was in. >> it'ss in. it was in. >> by the way, hewett defeated this guy. 7-5-6-4. >> you know, he's not a sock. he's a hero. i think it's cool to see that kind of sportsmanship, we don't hear about it enough. and to see his sense of humor about it. i wonder if they're even friends. it makes you almost feel like they're friends. >> but he lackooks so shocked, like, dude. >> dude, dude. >> pretend for a second that you just stepped out of the shower. ? no thank you. >> what is the first thing you do? i know you're probably thinking, grab a towel. >> that's what i would do.
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>> and you're dripping all over the floor. >> experts say you're skipping one crucial tip. >> and we don't know who they are. >> let's see how many people would do this. the most important thing you can do is check out your naked body in the mirror before drying off. [ laughter ] then they suggest listing five times while you're checking out your naked -- unless are' you, yosef, five things that you admire about your body. >> oh, no. that would be awful. that is an awful morning for me. >> i know! what if you can't even find one? >> >> no. >> i think it's going to depress you so much more. >> if i'm looking at that and trying to think of five things when i'm already late. >> and they just start coming to you. >> i know i can get one more. but i like to wrap up and pay as little attention to that.
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getting older, too. your eyesight goes, and you look much better fuzzy. so i linger a little while, looking at myself. just a little while. but i only count to three things. [ laughter ] i am after all a very busy woman. i think that's just the silliest thing. get on with your day! forget about yourself for a change. >> one of the biggest turnoffs to me, even when we interview them, who are self-focussed. they seem very aware of how they're sitting, what they're saying, how they're positioning. it's like you're paying too much attention to yourself, it's not -- >> you know somebody who isn't? >> who? >> dennis quaid. >> he's our wednesday hunk day. >> lookk at his body at 61. i know he's got a farmer's tan, but -- >> that you can cover up with makeup. >> he's got wash board abs, he's
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>> what was he doing with his hands? >> he was probably making a point or was watching a sporting event. >> who's number one. >> okay. baby girls' name. >> picture this. there's a couple in australia trying to figure out what to name their baby girl. the husband had a great idea. he said, let's name her lanesra. and the wife's like, that's beautiful. and it was beautiful. and lanesra went on to be 2 years old. and the husband said i'm going to tell you why i chose the name. she said her husband told her that it was his favorite soccer team, arsenal, spelled backwards! >> lanesra! a team!
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>> it's like oprah and harprp >> p pple mess up. >> do you think twice before you hit the "send" but the ton on an e-mail? >> there's an entrepreneur that says there are certain things in e-mails that we should stop writing like "if this makes any sense", "i'm no expert", "sorry". >> you said you like that. this is an entrepreneur named tammy ries, created a plug-in. >> it will identify the word before you send. >> take out sorry, take out think. >> give you a chance to put something else in? because it's going to be very upsetting. >> i think it's to eliminate, i hate to bother you, but -- this
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>> i am sure everybody who has e-mail has very bad storiri about oh, i sent it, and it was a mistake. but i think anytime somebody's humble it's a good thing. >> it's called just not sorry. you wonder if you're at risk for a heart attack? >> go to klg and and take the test. >> find out what tests you need to stay healthy.
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>> yeah, hodi. hodi. if your res lougs for 2016 is to get healthy, there are important numbers you need to know about before you head to the doctor this year. >> and we're not just talking about cholesterol, b bod pressure and bmi. we're talking about other simple tests that could predict whether you are at risk for a heart attack, diabetes or osteoporosis. >> here with us is dr. natalie azar. >> people tend not to pay too much attention. and if the doctor's not alarmed they leave not really knowing their numbers. >> why would we need to know? >> you know how you feel everyone in the world is on a statenin and if you're not you
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doctors have b bn doing the cardiovascular risk calculator. they'll plug in your total cholesterol level. they will plug in your hdl, which is your good cholesterol, whether or not you're a smoker and your systolic blood pressure and put it into a calculator, and it will generate a risk of probability of having a heart attack in the next ten years. >> do they put your age in as well? >> it's meant for people over the age of 20 who don't already have heart disease or diabetes. this is that general pool of should i do it. if you are above 25% on that calculator, you are a candidate for statin therapy. and i have to tell you, cardiologists do this. when i refer my patients to a cardiologist, you get that number. >> the first thing you say, let's pretend you are at risk. the first thing you say is not
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we need to reduce a, b, c, and d? >> there are modifiable risk factors and non-modifiable risk factors, the things you can't change, your age, your sex, your family history. >> hate to tell the good doctor she's wrong, but -- >> now and then. >> this is a number that is really a reflection of your blood sugar. we know diabetes is when your blood sugar's too high. or maybe you had a doughnut and your sugar is too high. we use a hemoglobin a1c. it's an accurate reflection of what your broodlood sugars are. if your regular levels are
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number that you want checked, and it also is used t tonitor treatment. >> do you ask your doctor, hey, i want the hemoglobin a1c? >> most of them already do it. if you haven't been tested, it's something you should have checked. >> the bone density. you have to get a base level. >> the united states preventive society says you should do it younger if you're at risk. but we're talking about the f-r-a-x. but the frax, the frack actual risk assessment tool. it is a calculator.
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information about who should be treated for osteoporosis. there are great therapies, but who's a candidate for being treated. this takes in account your smoking history, family history, you have have you ever had a fracture, and a check of your hip. it also checks anywhere in the body but in the hip. anyone treating osteoporosis uses that number. >> we have a whole bunch of stuff on our website. >> a lot. >> thank you. and to learn more about these important health numbers. >> you know where to go. klg and >> another resolution for the new years. >> getting ganized. >> you could get cash in the process. >> and we play who knew.
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we are rolling out theed carpet with who knew. >> four actresses have had the honor of winning the two golden globe awards in the same year. who was the most recent woman to accomplish this feat, kate winslet, helen mirren or sigourney weaver?
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street.reet. so we're back on this wines day wednesday. and this sunday the golden globes will kick off the awards season. hoda is across the street ready to hand out $100 to anyone who gets the questions right, but everyone's a winner today, because all of our players will get a signed copy of hoda's new book "where we belong."
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fandango front runners, and before the break we asked this question. four actresses had the honor of winning two golden globe awards in the same year. who was the most recent woman to accomplish this, kate winslet, helen mirren or sigourney weaver? >> all three did do this. but the most recent was kate winslet. what i love is that before that she'd been nominated for five globe and five oscars and lost them all. >> she was having an off time. >> she really kind of lost her mind the time she won both awards. i was in the ballroom. she was very emotional. >> what't' your name? >> sue. >> you had your 50th wedding anniversary recently, right? >> yes! >> here we go, girl, which of these pop idols has won a golden
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>> madonna. >> yes! >> that surprised a lot of people. was that for evita? >> yes. she won best actress in a musical for "evita." >> i'd love to lose to meryl streep. next one, hoda. >> what's your name? >> schuyler. >> where are you from? >> newark, delaware. >> which star is the only person ever to score nominations in three different acting categories in the same year, you ready? george clooney,y, dustin hoffman or jamie foxx? >> george clooney. [ buzz ] >> oh, wait a minute, wait a minute. good news! you get a book! >> i would think that's what a
2:31 am
>> george clooney did get three nominations, but they weren't all for acting. jamie foxx got three, "ray", and "redemption". >> he was having a good year. >> what's your name? >> my name's alex from north carolina. >> here we go. we're going to have fun with this one. finish the lyrics to this 2015 hit song nominated for a golden globe for best original song in a motion picture. listen. it's been a long day without you myy friend and i'll tell you all about it when i see you again [ ding ] and i'll tell you all about it when i see you again >> wow!
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performed by wiz khalifa. i would have hoped shehe got that right. it is nominated a golden globe. i think it's either that or the sam smith james bond theme song. i think that song could win. >> is there time for one more? >> lee. >> where are you from? >> richmond, virginia. >> this television star is the only person to have won a golden globe while hosting the ceremony. ricky gervais, amy poehler or tina fey. >> ricky gervais. [ buzz ] >> so sad, but you get my book! >> it wasamy poeler. >> don't forget to tune in to
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and grab some girlfriends. you're going to need help to empty out your closets and get organized. pay attention, hodi, after this.
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. . we are six days into the new year, and if you vowed to get organized and declutter your closets once and for all, what are you waiting for, hoda? >> stephanie sisco is with us. >> we all start with the best intentions. >> exactly. it is the perfect time to try and get your closet under control.
2:35 am
doing your closet audit. you want to prep for your purge. get all your supplies, a full-length mirror to try on questionable clothes and bags, donate, sell, tailor or recycle. and you want to devote a four-hour block of time to really take control of that closos. if you don't have the four hours, though, separate it into hour chunks. make an event, open a bottle of wine. >> not this one, but any other wine would do. >> we have some staff members. oh, are you going to show us? >> we're going to talk about a few of their questionable items. first what you do is dump everything out in your bed and go in and do a power purge. pull out those clothes you know you want to keep. and then folkcus your time on the remaining.
2:36 am
>> i have a navy top in there. it's sort of pilling around the flower, so i'm not quite sure. >> cute! >> i feel like i've worn it one too many times. >> like hoda's pink dress. >> you want to ask yourself a few questions when you're going through these questionable pieces. do you have four other pieces like it? is it still in style? should she love it or lose it >> i'll take it if you're losing it. >> i think we have a consensus to love it. >> thank you. >> put that back in the closet. >> sandy's here. >> sparkly dress. >> so, sandy -- >> tell us about that. >> i've worn that for weddings and formal occasions, and it's probably in too many pictures, and it might be a size too big. >> and another question to consider when thinking about kaeping
2:37 am
dry-clean only, and it's overexposed. >> i'd say lose it. >> i say love it. >> oh, we're loving it. okay. >> you're the one who's seen it in too many pictures. >> once you have it in there, you drop a few l-bs and you're like, oh, my god, i'm back in that dress. >> donna dorable, what did you bring for us? >> i brought a sweater that, you know what? i was trying to go for more of a casual look, and it's a staple, but it's old. >> if you were wearing this walking down the street and ran into your ex-boyfriend, what would you -- >> i would definitely be very upset about that. >> but i'm going to say lose it, but she'll say she loves it. >> i'm loving it. weigh don't want to see other ex-boyfriend in a cozy sweater, but it's a cute cozy sweater.
2:38 am
>> i was going for that super model chic with the jeans and sweater. >> too much tension for good. >> donna's still talking. >> get ready to treat yoursese. >> because a very funny actress
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like oprah, sharecher and madonna, this actress and retta! recreation." >> now she's in "girlfriends guide to divorce." >> we could tech rate with themes like under the sea. >> i never got that.
2:42 am
about being a mermaid. >> i love mermen. >> hi. >> hey, retta, welcome. >> look at you with your little vino had hand. >> i felt left out. >> we wanted to include you. >> are you loving "girlfriends"? i am. >> life is gadood f f you? >> having jobs back to back is a. blessing it took a while before something stuck. i got lucky, seven seasons empire, and went right into this. >> you have such an interesting history. when i was reading about you, you weren't sure whether you wanted to be a doctor or gospel singer. you had so many different lanes you wanted to run in. you still like to sing? >> i do. i sing classical.
2:43 am
>> like opera style. >> really? >> when i was in grade school that's, we had chorus as a class. and in college they used it as white noise. i would listen to classical constantly. >> it's in your head. >> she's an interesting woman. >> you are. what about a dr. you were going down that road? >> i was premed. i didn't want to go right into medical school, so i was scared to leave science. i worked for a pharmaceutical. and then during that time i decided i'll do stand-up and try to get my own tv show. >> there are no other obstacles
2:44 am
>> kim jong to college with. i was using stand-up as a way to have my own sitcom, because of roseanne and everybody, and i got successful because i did well in the college circuit. i got stuck in it because i was never in town -- >> now you're doing sitcoms and movies. >> you have three movies. >> you are very fancy. >> i know. that's why i drink the wayne. >> do you miss "parks and rec."? >> i do. however, we have a group text, so i talk to them every day. that was probably the best thing that could have happened was the iphones figuring out how to make that group text thing work. once we left we didn't have the stress of not being able to see each other, because we send pictures andalk every day.
2:45 am
we can't wait to see you in this season of "girl friends' guide to divorce." >> it airs tuesday night at 10:00 on bravo. and liliana vasquez shows us looks for less. >> and this is "today", on nbc. hey sweetie, it's time. eye of the tiger tv anncr: good afternoon everyone. tv anncr: it's the perfect day for a game of football. tv anncr: this team is having a fantastic season. morning rituals are special. when you share what you love... ...with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're grrreat! can win a microsoft surface 3...when you buy any
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we're stepping into liliana's dressing room to find out just what you need to look fashionable. >> oh, my gosh. you still need to burn off calories because you've been eating and drngsing over the
2:49 am
are' going to show us luxe for less. >> i love your place. >> i love having you in the closet. >> that was weird. >> another strange thing. >> everything's under $50. >> everything's under $50. for 2016, we get motivated and inspired to get fit. this is a headband. it saves your do. i hate working out when you have a blowout. these are from save your this is a flip belt. these have great pockets to store your keys. >> you're running without the pack. >> exactly. these are available at bed bath and these are a fitness tracker. the hottest thing is tracking your fitness by you can wear them as a band or clip them onto yourself, they track your food intake, your calories. we all need one of these.
2:50 am
>> no, we don't, liliana. >> you can infuse your water with fruit. and that filter catches all the seeds. so cute. these are by gila. and workout gloves, and the hottest look for 2016. kathleen, come on out. >> this is a big closet. how cute is she? she's in this fun, graphic tank. the celestial pant of the and those sneakers are only $50 at kohl' you can get fit and still be on budget and on trend. >> adorable. >> does anybody look so cute when they go to the gym? >> nobody but you. >> liliana, you had a good vacation? >> i had a wonderful vacation. tomorrow, a performance by rachel platten. >> and come down to the plaza for a chance to get ambushed by
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